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Principles Assessment Center

Principles Assessment Center

Coming soon!

The Assessment Center will be available soon. In the meantime, sign up to receive updates, and join the Principles conversation on your social platforms.

Do you really want to learn what you’re like?

Principles by Ray Dalio
Do you really want to learn what you’re like?

We synthesize the insights from multiple assessments to formulate a picture of what you are like.

Live a Principled Life

To understand how personality
assessments can be a vital
tool to your personal and
professional success, check out
Principles by Ray Dalio.

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Live a Principled Life - Principles by Ray Dalio

Multiple Assessments,
One Picture of You

Your Picture
We combine the results of multiple assessments to create your About Me synthesis that suggests your strengths and weaknesses, team dynamics and what’s really important to you.
About You

The Assessment

Team Dimensions Profile
Your Assessments, Your Pace
The assessments require approximately one hour in total to complete. Your progress will automatically save so you can take them at your convenience.
Your Assessments, One Place
Review both your integrated About Me Synthesis and the results of each assessment.

Form a pointillist
picture of you

Assessment Center
Assessment Center
Resume Connection
Resume Connection
Learn More
Cases in Principles App
Cases in Principles App
Cases in Principles
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Assessment Center

About Me Synthesis

Connect your Resume and take Cases in the Principles App to learn even more about yourself.

Resume Connector

Our custom algorithm parses your resume and integrates it into your About Me synthesis to form an even better picture of you.

Cases in Principles App

The Principles App is the ultimate experience for all things Principles. Review Cases — real life situations at the world's most valuable hedge fund company — and answer questions to learn what your answers say about what you are like.

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